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3 Tips for brands advertising on Tiktok | Tiktok advertising strategy

Tiktok, the most happening social media apps in recent times. Given its recent rise to popularity, brands are flocking to build their online presence on the platform. One of the easiest ways to do that is by buying ads on the tiktok platform. 

3 Tips for brands advertising on Tiktok
3 Tips for brands advertising on Tiktok

Tiktok has a native advertising platform. Don’t get confused by this term. It basically means it is a self serve platform with a standalone control with the advertiser. So, basically tiktok’s advertising platform is advertiser friendly. 

Given the enormous penetration Tiktok has in Tier-2, Tier-3 cities and rural markets and vernacular content in India, brands are flocking to advertise on the tiktok ads platform. Brands like Swiggy, redbus, makemytrip, shaadi.com, dream11, myteam11, fanfight, khatabook, okcredit etc are already advertising on Tiktok.

We’re giving out 3 best tips and practices to brands that are advertising on tiktok. These practices will help you get more ROI on the budget you are spending on the advertising platform.

Tips for tiktok marketing and influencer agency
Tips for tiktok marketing agency
  1. Prioritise content creation
    • This goes without saying! Content is the king, period. If your video or image of tiktok ad looks like an advertisement, then you lost the game.
    • Make vertical videos to provide audience with full screen immersive experience
    • Keep the length of the video to be less thn 20 seconds. This will help grab the users attention better.
    • It is advisable to have atleast 3 images or videos in each ad group. Also, advertisers should keep refreshing the creatives atleast once a week to get better results.
  2. Be a bit aggressive on bidding at the beginning
    • Yes, you read it right. And this is the best principle to follow not only in tiktok ads but also on facebook, google ads. In advertising campaign, if you bid higher, it attracts more traffic. More traffic means, more data for the platform’s algorithm to analyze, learn and optimize the campaign and target those users that are likely to convert.
  3. Find a balance in using targeting
    • Many a times advertisers are guilty of using too any restrictions in terms of targeting and may end up losing out on reach and conversions
    • It the advertiser already has a well pre defined set of audience whom he/she is planning to reach, then using detaile demographics makes sense
    • Otherwise, it is better to avoid adding multiple targetings atleast in the same ad group so that you don’t narrow down the audience pool.
    • The AI driven algorithm of tiktok finds the best audience for getting good conversion for your spends.

Hope all the 3 tips on how to use tiktok for advertising has helped you. Are you following these tips? Do you have any other tips for fellow tiktok marketeers? Let us know in the comments!

If you would like to start advertising on Tiktok or try out influencer marketing on Tiktok, get in touch with the best tiktok influencer marketing agency in India.

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