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Engagement Marketing: 3 Hacks To Scale Up Your Brand

We all might have come across this term called ‘engagement’ when talking about digital marketing, sounds complicated ahh? Well let me clear the cloud for you, engagement, as it’s Wikipedia definition says, is the process in which consumers participate in the evolution of a brand or a brand experience. Yes, it is that simple, so now the question that arises is how you do it? Well, the answer again is also simple, you create content, you push it, and then you advertise it as per your needs. 

And, the last question, for which I’m writing this blog is how you can create content and what to keep in mind while creating content which can eventually get higher engagement rates. So hold your breaths, as we reveal the three psychological hacks that you can bring into your use to get higher engagement rates.

1) Build Curiosity: It has always been curiosity which has acted as a fuel in us exploring uncharted territories. There’s a famous saying which goes something like, ‘Curiosity compels us to seek out and learn more’, and as a creator, all we need to do is to use that saying in a strategic manner to get higher engagement rates.

Examples: Go and search ‘Buzzfeed’ on Google, you’ll see something like ‘Buzzfeed Trending’, now click on that and let the site open. Well right now while I’m writing this blog when I open that page, out of the ten articles that are listed on the Trending page, 6 of them are posted with a title which builds curiosity or to put it down in simpler terms, 60% of the articles listed on that trending page are published with a title generating buzz. For all the number lovers out there, note that number in your diaries, 60% :p

2) Use Emotional Triggers To Create Real Relationships: There’s nothing complicated here, it is a ubiquitous observation that when people feel close to you and can relate to you, then there’s a very good probability that you guys will end up having a good bond. Well, the very same thing can be said in respect to Digital Marketing, when your follower-family will feel close to you, there’s an excellent chance that they’ll end up engaging with your content.

Examples– Memes: Incorporating memes into our social media channels will kind of help us in developing a bit more friendlier relations with our audience. As observed, I feel that sharing memes and such funny content with our audience will help us in establishing better relationships as it kinds of add a personal touch, and even the engagement rate for such posts is high.

Even great influencer marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk use this hack. Here’s a screenshot of him using this hack.

Gary Vaynerchuk Using Meme To Increase His Engagement Rate

3) Use FOMO: Yes, you read it right; use FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to your interest. When advertising or marketing, use the fear of missing out as a tool to trigger higher engagement rate. Tell people that what they’re missing out on if they don’t use this or that product and see FOMO do its job.

Examples: Famous American e-commerce store RueLaLa once implemented it in there email marketing campaign when they sent out an email to their users citing fear of missing out is real, and they’ll miss out on a lot if they unsubscribe to their email services.

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