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Email Marketing: Tips And Tricks For 2020

Is Email Marketing Dead In 2020?

The answer to this question is a straight and honest NO. Email is not dead and it will be quite some time before this happens.

Even with the advent of instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook messenger etc, the old humble email is still the workhorse for many businesses.

Email has ruled the marketing industry for years and is still the undisputed king in many companies.

How Not To Do Email Marketing In 2020

The entire digital marketing landscape has changed completely in the past few years. Companies are willing to spend more monies for getting more eyeballs of the customers. This resulted in a huge spike in the number of emails, push notifications, display ads etc. Multiple companies are fighting over the same customer. And the digital battle is getting more brutal day by day.

The same old strategy of mass emailing your prospective customers with generic content will not work in 2020. Companies and Marketeers in general have become smarter in terms of using the communications channels at their disposal. The attention span of the users has reduced significantly. So, if you are unable to make an impression in the first 2-4 seconds, then the customer is as good as gone. So, what can be done to make the user experience better in terms of email?

What Should Be The Mantra For Email Marketing In 2020?

I’m not going to bore you with the basics of email marketing by asking you to write compelling subject lines or keeping the copy of the email crisp. All this you anyways will do 😛

There is only one mantra for writing a successfull email in 2020: Personalization.

Yes, personalization is the one and only mantra. Whenever you write an email, write as if you are sending the email to a single user.

Email marketing 101 tips and tricks in 2020

A report from Experian marketing services found that Personalized promotional mailings have 29 percent higher unique open rates and 41 percent higher unique click rates than nonpersonalized mailings. This is a significant number.

Companies have started using this technique much to the delight of their users. Well here are some companies which have mastered the art of email marketing.

  1. Swiggy

One such company that comes to my mind is Swiggy. Swiggy has leveraged the personalized email marketing to an extent that it has recieved accolodes across all sections of people on social media. One such innvoative campaign by them is “Swiggy Appraisal Report.”

Swiggy apprisal report email marketing campaign
Swiggy apprisal report email marketing campaign

2. Quora:

Well, another excellent example of personalization which strikes my mind right now is the recent campaign run by Quora. So recently, Quora emailed all of its users in their respective mother tongues based on the information they had received from them. There was nothing extraordinary or remarkable about that, but sending out emails in there mother tongues added that extra touch to them which will make any reader stick to that.

One of my colleagues, while discussing this campaign, said to me that there was this extra personal connect which he could feel while reading that email. Just a small gesture shown by Quora made him stick to that email. Giants like Brands like Google, BBC News, Paytm, to name a few are already leveraging the vernacular content. So what are you waiting for, contact us today for designing a vernacular game plan for your business.

So, try to personalize the email to the fullest. Rather than using Hi, use Hi *First Name*, Try to incorporate some stats relevant to the user(just like Swiggy & Quora did). Incorporate the users journey with your brand in numbers and see the magic happen.

Tell us what steps you are going to follow in making better emails in 2020.

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