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Tiktok Influencer marketing by Khatabook App – Tiktok marketing videos sample

Khatabook, is a popular app which helps people and business manage their personal and business ledgers on the smartphone. So, no need for any computer or no need to follow any old age methods of actually maintaining a physical book for khata maintenance.

Khatabook tiktok marketing videos - tikotk influencer marketing by khatabook
Khatabook tiktok marketing videos

About the Khatabook App:

Khatabook app has raised $26.5 Million funding till date.

Some metrics from their official website:

Rupees 14 Lakh crore transactions recorded so far

1 crore/10 million businesses using the khatabook app

They have presence across 10,000 cities and towns in India.

To increase their reach and penetrate into the vernacular markets, tier-2, tier-3 cities, Khatabook has started advertising on Tiktok. They have been more bullish on doing both Tiktok marketing and tiktok influencer marketing.

Khatabook Tiktok video ad example, Guidelines

This video can be used as a reference by upcoming brands and existing brands which are trying to get into Tiktok through TikTok advertising or through influencer marketing on TikTok.

Check out other videos of khatabook on tiktok

Khatabook videos on tiktok #khatabook challenge under khatabook tag


Company name: Khata Book App – Udhar bahi khata, credit ledger account

Brands Similar to Khatabook which can leverage tiktok marketing and tiktok influencer marketing on a whole new level.

1. Ok credit – Udhar bahi khata app

2. Udhar khata book, cash book, ledger book, len den – Invoice & Billing, expense, ledger, GST, Accounting app

3. Clear – Smart Udhaar Bahi khata – Credit ledger

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